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Which name treats the most and is awarded the title of the most generous? Did Constantines and Helens treat their loved ones on their name day this year?

The Constantine and Helen name day just passed and we gave in to the temptation to see, measure and reveal whether they were generous enough and treated this year or if they preferred to save money.

So that other popular names in Greece do not feel left out, we searched for and present to you the most unsparing ones, the ones that made Greek restaurants, bars and patisseries smile!  

Which name treats the most? In which Greek regions did people spend the most in order to treat their loved ones on the Saint Constantine and Helen name day? Which exclusively female name enters surprisingly the top 5 of the most giving names?

We gathered, processed and are presenting data from millions of transactions*, while also taking into account the frequency of each name in Greece, for more accurate results.

Constantine and Helen: the most popular name day in Spring!  We all know someone celebrating, patisseries thrive, bars and restaurants wait eagerly for the reservations of that day. Let’s take a closer look, though. Is that true? How did businesses in this sector perform in the last two years compared to the previous years?

The chart that follows displays the percentage change in the revenues of patisseries, bars and restaurants on the 21st of May 2018 and 2019 compared to the respective date in 2017 and 2018.
Undoubtedly, patisseries are the big winners as they saw their revenues increase in the last two years, and in fact by large percentages. Following a remarkable drop of their revenues in 2018, restaurants seem to be recovering slowly, while celebrators seem to have stayed up in bars across the country while spending 33% more compared to the previous year.

Where did all this take place, though? In Attica, of course, as expected. However, in the map that follows, which records and displays aggregate increases in turnover for patisseries, bars and restaurants on the 21st of May 2019 (in comparison with a “normal” weekday), we can notice that Lamia, Alexandroupoli, Mytilene and Evia exceeded all expectations, even compared to Thessaloniki or Crete and the Peloponnese.

Therefore, Constantine, Helen and others celebrating on the same day boosted the sector this year as well. What is the case for other names, though? Let’s see what stats reveal and which is the most generous name after all. To be fair to everyone, the information that follows refers to name days in 2018, while taking into account the population of each name, of course.

Yes, Constantine and Helen are first in the overall ranking! In 2018, revenues of patisseries, bars and restaurants skyrocketed because of them, with an increase of 265.9% on their name day compared to respective weekdays of other periods. Dimitris/Dimitra, George/Georgia, John/Joanna, Nikos/Niki and Catherine, who also boosted the market with impressive percentages, follow.

One rightly wonders to what extent are the above results affected by the amount of people that share the same name. Of course, there are more people named George/Georgia than Catherine. Therefore, for the results to be fair and for the most… generous name to be reached objectively, we also took into account the Greek population that has their name day on the day of the respective Saint (source: https://www.foundalis.com/grk/EllinikaOnomata.html).

The results are very interesting and hold surprises! Let’s look at them in detail for each of the three sectors we are examining and at the end we will reveal the winner’s name, the objectively and unquestionably most generous one!

Dimitrises and Dimitras prefer to quench their thirst in bars on their name day, with Catherines occupying the 2nd position!

In patisseries things are looking relatively balanced, with the Saint Constantine and Helen name day holding the lead by far and the other name days contributing to the sector with approximately the same percentages.

Catherines strike again and we see that they enjoy going to restaurants on their name day, unlike Georges/Georgias who contributed to the increase of restaurants’ turnover, but by much less.

What is the case for Johns/Joannas? They also hold a first place! They are the champions in the average transaction amount for all three sectors. On their name day, an average of €31 per transaction was spent in bars, €18 per transaction in patisseries and €52 per transaction in restaurants.

It is time for the final ranking! Of the most popular names in Greece that we examined, these are the ones that treated others the most and helped increase the aggregate revenue for patisseries, bars and restaurants.

  1. Saint Constantine and Helen
  2. Saint Dimitris
  3. Saint Catherine
  4. Saint Nikolaos
  5. Saint George
  6. Saint John