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The restaurateur’s right hand

May 2019

Running a restaurant business definitely entails creativity and passion, but – truth be told – it also carries responsibility. The responsibility of offering quality hospitality to those who choose to honour you with their presence for a few hours. Because the goal is for them to honor you again in the future. A significant part of this responsibility is certainly related to the object of desire: good food, excellent raw materials, the chef’s mastery, a good wine selection. Beyond that, the actual venue and the personnel’s professionalism also raise the bar of quality and good operation.

All this, however, may become of secondary importance if customer satisfaction is hindered by unforeseen details. An order can be lost… in translation, the order of the dishes may be mixed up, a change in the order may not be heard, or a misunderstanding can even lead to an error in the bill. Each of these “sins” can ruin a beautiful evening where relaxation and gastronomy should have the first say. If only there was a magic wand that took care of the organization, accuracy, safety and speed of each order.
Since we live in an age where magic wands have been replaced by cloud applications, there is the Cardlink maitre web application which makes ordering a breeze, transfers the order to the kitchen immediately, prints receipts and invoices, performs sales analysis and has countless other capabilities that the user discovers while seeing their problems being solved safely and speedily. Furthermore, uninterrupted connectivity ensures that no one will have to wait to enjoy their food, even if the wireless signal is lost. Customers will be served quickly and flawlessly, even if they change their mind regarding their choice.

The Cardlink maitre application works alongside the existing equipment of the business and can be used through any iOS or Android device. In short, customer experience is the top priority for Cardlink. And it is no coincidence that it currently has Points of Sale in more than 250.000 locations throughout Greece, and they perform more than a million transactions per day. Cardlink produces innovative products and services that do not improve only the transaction methods, but also the conditions of enjoying our favourite habits.

Its presence as a supporter of this year’s Golden Chef’s Hats as well as the Greek Cuisine Awards demonstrates the emphasis placed by Cardlink on high quality culinary experience, particularly when it is shared equally between the one that enjoys it and the one offering it.

Source: https://www.athinorama.gr/