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Do you have a hotel? Learn how Cardlink pulse can help you make strategic decisions.

The tourism in our country is one of the largest and most interesting industries to watch data and analytics. Let’s see how a hotel using the Cardlink pulse application made smart and strategically important decisions.

Our partner has a hotel in a touristic area. He observed through Cardlink pulse that his customers spend a lot of money on fast food during their holidays. After conducting a research, he found that the room service at the hotel ended quite early and that is why they were looking for a fast food solution outside the hotel at night. He decided to extend the room service hours for the better experience of his customers. He also increased his revenue after working with a taxi company, seeing that a large percentage of his customers seek and use taxis to transport them.

At the same hotel they knew that their foreign customers were mainly from America and Great Britain.

Through Cardlink pulse they were able to confirm their data on the one hand, and compare with those of the competition on the other hand. One of the things they noticed is the big difference in revenue they have from customers coming from America compared to the competition. They, thus, implemented a strategy with actions aimed at retaining those customers that had a large income. It was also found that tourists from Austria prefer to stay in competing businesses and work on marketing strategies to be able to reach them.

Visit the full article here: https://kathimerini.gr/economy/business/1049582/ta-big-data-stin-ypiresia-tis-epicheirisis-soy/