Cardlink pulse at the “Harnessing the power of AI in Greece” Microsoft miniseries on how your business can transform data into opportunities!

Eirini Fotiou, Cardlink’s e-Commerce & Analytics Manager, participated in the miniseries “Harnessing the power of AI in Greece” which was conducted based on the research of Boston Consulting Group in collaboration with Microsoft.

She presented how transaction Data and Analytics produced by the companies themselves can, through artificial intelligence applications, be a huge source of useful information and opportunities for strategic business development.

Cardlink, therefore, wanting to utilize all these available data, created the pioneering web application Cardlink pulse, a powerful tool for your business.

As you will learn from Eirini’s interview, with the Cardlink pulse platform you have access to important insights for your business, such as in which areas your industry thrives based on the volume and value of transactions, which stores your customers visit before and after your own business, how loyal your customers are to consider opening a new store, expanding your range, making synergies with other businesses and much more..

In short, important aggregated data, presented in a simple way through graphs and charts to give you the competitive advantage that will help you grow your business.