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The summer of 2020 may have come to an end, but what results did it bring to the Greek market compared to 2019?

Let’s discover it together, with Cardlink pulse, Cardlink’s Big Data & Analytics web application! Through insightful statistics that emerge from card transactions, you will get a complete picture of the market and how it fluctuated during this period.

Cardlink pulse confirms what we all imagine, that is, the industry that was mostly affected was the hotel industry with a decrease of -67% compared to 2019. Following are the travel services with a decrease that reached -57.4%.
However, the difference from month to month compared to last summer was less pronounced and the market seemed to be opening up.

Two industries that seem to have benefited in terms of turnover in card transactions are the pharmaceutical / insurance industry with an overall increase of +20%, but a declining growth rate from June to August, as well as the beverages and food industry with an increase of +22,8%.

In the chart below you can see: the changes in turnover per industry, the significant increase in contactless transactions +24.88%, as well as the differences per month in total, for all industries.

As expected, contactless transactions increased significantly, as on the one hand their limit was increased, and on the other hand many consumers now prefer them even for their smaller amount transactions.

Is it a change that came to stay? It remains to be discovered through the Big Data of Cardlink pulse!