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Why choose us

We have built the largest payment acceptance network in Greece

We are the leading company in the Greek payment acceptance market with more than 290.000 POS terminals and 19.000 e-Commerce businesses. We collaborate with all major banks and accept all types of cards.

We have managed to process more than 2.500.000 transactions in a single day

We have managed to process more than 2.500.000 transactions in a single day, with security and speed. We have reached a peak of 110 transactions per second, a record number for the Greek market.

Our customers are our top priority

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work with passion and dedication to provide high-quality services and solutions to the challenges businesses face every day.

We provide solutions for every type of business

Our services and products cover the needs of every type of business. From the small barber shop in your neighborhood to the big supermarket in your area.

We have the most up-to-date infrastructure

We constantly invest both in new payment solutions equipment and in payment processing technology infrastructure so that we can respond to the demand and needs of the market

We rely on The Cardlink Code

The Cardlink Code is our compass! It is the book that reflects our principles, values and the culture we want to have in order to be the leading Greek fintech company. You may download the Cardlink Code in PDF format here.

Our 16 years of trustworthiness in the market of payment processing is the force that moves us forward

Being active for more than 16 years in this industry, we have built solid experience and outstanding technological know-how and we are proud to continuously provide you with fast and secure payments even in peak periods both in the physical and electronic commerce.