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Did you know that if your orders are not being recorded, even though the customer has completed their payment, this may be due to a Google Chrome update affecting your cookies?

Sometimes, although the successful transaction response message from Cardlink checkout is being sent as normal to the merchant’s website, it is possible that it may not arrive or may not arrive correctly to the merchant’s backend system, resulting in the order not being recorded. If you are facing such an issue, please read the below instructions on how to deal with it.

Following thorough checks performed by Cardlink, it has been clear that the problem is due to, the new Chrome version which causes breaks between the customer’s and the e-shop’s session. (Click here for more details).

This behaviour was first noticed in April 2020, when Google had performed a partial rollout of changes and optimizations regarding cookies, and more specifically the SameSite cookie. Later, due to the circumstances affecting the global community, the rollout was postponed, and it was resumed again in July 2020. (link = https://blog.chromium.org/2020/05/resuming-samesite-cookie-changes-in-july.html )

Therefore, you should check with your technical team the way orders are registered into your system. If you use cookie sessions to log orders and not the parameters sent by the online payment platform, you should check the above to make the necessary changes. A suggested change is to set Samesite=none so that the specific cookie is not considered.

Moreover, Cardlink provides “background confirmation” service, upon request. This refers to re-sending the response message of each transaction within 120 seconds from its completion (whether it is successful or not). In order to activate the background confirmation, we strongly recommend testing it in our test environment, for a profile you will indicate to Cardlink. You will just need to ensure that your implementation can handle multiple requests with the same order ID.

For merchants with direct integration with the online payment platform, it is possible to send a status request for a specific transaction instead.