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Carnival 2020 vs Carnival 2019. Which year comes first in spend?

The truth is that this year’s long weekend of the Carnival that culminates in Clean Monday was affected from… “external” factors and there are many Greeks who may have canceled their trips inside or outside the country. But does the number of transactions* confirm this? Were the usually most busy industries at that period affected by the outgoing and extroverted mood of the people?

The answer is that they were affected, but positively and not negatively as one would expect! More specifically, the taverns and restaurants saw an increase in their transactions of 40.01% compared to 2019, the gas stations 15.67% and the companies dealing with travel services 103.8%!!!

Let us always keep in mind, of course, that the transactions that take place with a card and not with cash are constantly increasing, so this fact may also contribute to the above percentages.