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Adopting a flexible working model | Workforce

May 2021

Cardlink’s mission is to:

“To be worthy of our employees’ and customers’ admiration and trust”, stated Dimitra Ntoumouliakou, Cardlink’s HR Manager in an article by “Workforce Employer’s Daily News”, which refers to the capability of selecting where to work from.

Our priority is the health and safety of our employees, with simultaneous and continuous provision of a high level of services to our customers. In the past year, the uncharted conditions of COVID 19 and the imperative need for working remotely made us move very rapidly in order to contribute as much as possible to protecting our personnel and society.

In a working environment that was not familiar with telecommuting, such as that of Greece, it was quite difficult for us at Cardlink to come to terms with the new conditions at the beginning of the pandemic. The difficulties we had to overcome, both on a individual level and as the Cardlink team, were unprecedented, diverse and multifaceted.

On the 16 of March 2020 we achieved a 100% rate of telecommuting. Through thorough planning, the teams responsible for managing technical issues coordinated with the team responsible for keeping the personnel continuously up-to-date. Our goal was for our staff to adapt as quickly as possible to the new situation and the new conditions. And we are proud because in record time we managed to have the entire Cardlink family working from our homes, for long periods of time, without the slightest problem.

Guided by all the health protocols in place and the relevant legislation, from June 2020 we gave all our employees the opportunity to choose the method in which they wish to work. Either through permanent telecommuting or through a hybrid working model.

For our colleagues who opted for the hybrid model, our priority was and is to ensure their health and safety. Therefore we increased cleaning time and resources, while frequently disinfecting all areas of our offices, and at the same time we decided to perform rapid tests regularly.

However, a large number of our employees chose permanent telecommuting. After the experience gained over this past year, I believe that this new work habit is here to stay. In this context, and if so permitted by the legislative framework, Cardlink has decided to give all our staff the option to choose their work method after the end of the pandemic: in-office, telecommuting or hybrid model.

Our objective is for our personnel to always achieve a balance between work and family-personal life. For this reason we will strive so that this model can continue being productive and mutually beneficially for all.

Because, as mentioned above, our mission is:

“To be worthy of our employees’ and customers’ admiration and trust.”


Published on “Workforce Employer’s Daily News”, special edition, May 2021.