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Cardlink: Major Sponsor at ThinkBizAcademy 2021

Cardlink is a major ThinkBiz sponsor

Cardlink participated in ThinkBizAcademy 2021, the two-day entrepreneurship multi-conference for young people aged 18-30 that took place on May 21st and 22nd.

The event entitled “Unlimited Dimensions” quickly sold out again this year, attracting young people who want to discover the world of entrepreneurship and innovation and get in touch with important representatives of the business world.

Cardlink always supports such initiatives and participated in the conference as a major sponsor. In addition, Giannis Kordonis, Innovation Manager of Cardlink, informed those who attended the event, about the new trends and technologies in the fintech industry and how they will change our daily lives in the future.

Finally, participants at Cardlink’s virtual booth had the opportunity to ask questions about the company culture and the future of electronic payments.