A new beginning for restaurants, with the support of Cardlink

Through a variety of products and services, Cardlink equips companies of the hospitality sector with tools made imperative by new market needs.

Cardlink maitre | Food and drink businesses reopen

Apart from providing essential services, the hospitality sector in Greece has a much greater social value as it is where social relationships develop and flourish. We all have a favorite restaurant that we whole-heartedly suggest to our friends; we all know people who work in these businesses with dedication, passion and kindness. It is also of great economic value as it is a pivotal point for the country’s tourism revenue and employs thousands of people.

The pandemic perhaps hit the hardest these businesses that are so valuable for Greece. However, it is now becoming apparent that it won’t be too long before the sector opens up again and businesses want to be as prepared as possible.

The hospitality sector is particularly demanding and the three critical factors for success are consistency, flexibility and fast service. Cardlink, a Quest Group company, ensures that these success factors are met thanks to the advanced solutions Cardlink maitre, Cardlink POSsible and Android POS, which help entrepreneurs fulfil their promise made to their customers, i.e. to provide them with high-quality services.

Cardlink maitre, the cloud application for taking orders wirelessly for cafés, bars and restaurants makes taking orders easy and fast, both for customers as well as for the business. It automatically transfers the order to all production locations (bar, kitchen), it prints invoices, it supports real-time coordination of personnel in different posts and serves multiple menus and product categories. Uninterrupted connectivity ensures that no one will have to wait to enjoy their food, even if the wireless signal is lost. Customers will be served quickly and flawlessly, even if they change their mind regarding their choice. Cardlink maitre also has a direct connection to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) and the myDATA platform, thus facilitating companies regarding the new requirements.

Cardlink maitre, the cloud application for taking orders wirelessly for cafés, bars and restaurants makes taking orders easy and fast.

Cardlink also brings businesses the new generation of Android POS terminals, with Cardlink POSsible software, which function not just as a means of taking card payments, but also as the common point of coexistence of multiple applications. Thus, businesses now use a POS terminal that is not limited to payments, but a terminal the environment of which can be enhanced with additional applications that either function independently or in collaboration with Cardlink services, while utilizing the capabilities of the most popular operating system in the world, Android. A typical example is that of Cardlink maitre which operates within the same Cardlink Android POS terminal in order to also facilitate payment of the bill through the same device, while covering in a unique manner the delivery and takeaway functions which are now essential. The advantages of Android POS terminals also include the very familiar Android user interface, the broad and elegantly designed range of hardware options, the inconceivable speed in which transactions are completed and, of course, the app store that enhances POS terminals with additional functions.

During the pandemic we collectively lost the ability to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, and a new habit quickly entered our lives, as we order dishes from our favorite restaurants to be delivered at home. It is expected that this habit will continue to a significant extent even after the hospitality sector opens up again. Consequently, businesses in the hospitality sector will have to provide the option of online ordering for delivery or takeaway, even if they do not do so today.

Cardlink helps entrepreneurs do this. Through the Cardlink maitre application it provides them with the capability to create a website or even an Android app in just 2 days, to take online orders and even create their own system for rewarding their regular customers. The Cardlink maitre application facilitates telephone orders as well: it recognizes phone calls and customer profiles without the need for any additional equipment, it sorts orders, it monitors and manages their progress. The Cardlink maitre, Cardlink POSsible and Android POS services are some of the numerous new solutions that Cardlink has started offering, as it continues being dedicated to its raison d’être, which is to contribute to the growth of businesses by enhancing and improving the experience of businesses and consumers.