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An “ally” to all businesses in the new payments era | Startupper Mag

February 2021

Cardlink, a Quest Group company, is active in the field of electronic payments and in particular in accepting and managing card transactions, both for brick-and-mortar stores as well as e-Commerce. The company follows closely the developments in the Greek market and today serves safely and speedily more than 250,000 businesses in their brick-and-mortar stores and more than 10,000 e-Commerce businesses. In the past few years, Cardlink has also expanded to other products other than Points of Sale and the e-Commerce platform, by emphasizing on new services and responding rapidly even in the most demanding conditions, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

More specifically, Cardlink offers a full range of e-Commerce services which are directed to both medium-sized and large enterprises. For businesses that do not have an e-shop but wish to receive payments over the phone or by email, it offers the “payment links” service through the collaborating banks, Alpha Bank and Eurobank. This service proved to be “a salvation” for businesses during the “curbside pickup” (click-away) period. For businesses possessing an e-shop it provides platforms for accepting e-Commerce transactions, such as “Cardlink checkout”, which provide the ability to accept payments from any digital or online sales channel and enable the end consumer to purchase products with a single click. At the same time, for brick-and-mortar stores, the Cardlink POSsible platform along with the new generation smart Android POS terminals open up a up a new world of opportunities, as it can become a “vehicle” for a variety of innovative functions by utilizing the actual hardware.

In regard to the Android POS terminals, they meet the PCI 5 security standards, thus optimally shielding all transactions they process. Today, wireless Android POS terminals are in high demand, as they provide businesses with flexibility when using them, they feature uninterrupted 4G connection, WiFi, they are fast, they possess a large, high-definition color touch screen, Android 6.0 operating system and a built-in camera.

In addition to the above, Cardlink also offers specialized solutions in the food and beverage sector through the Cardlink maitre cloud application for taking orders wirelessly, which also enables businesses to set-up their own website and app easily and quickly within 2 days, while also creating their own loyalty scheme. When it comes to larger businesses, the self-service kiosks solutions with a built-in terminal for making payments provide the ability to possess very interesting applications, such as self-service terminals for paying bills, self-service terminals for making donations in museums and even performing self-checkout in hospitals.

In all solutions, Cardlink offers for free the Cardlink apollo platform, so that businesses can see their transactions in real time, and the option to subscribe to the innovative web application Cardlink pulse, for the utilization of big data through analytics. Therefore, by having substantial information for their potential clients, businesses can approach them using the appropriate marketing techniques and make the right business decisions. Cardlink stands by businesses at every step they take and provides them with concrete support through innovative solutions that help them continue to operate effectively and grow in all conditions.

Cardlink at the heart of Open Innovation.

Although Cardlink is in a leading position, it is aware of the fact that is faces immense competition, both domestically and from the global market, since almost all Fintech companies use technology and smartphones to offer payment services, particularly for professionals and small traders.

In 2020, Cardlink entered the Game Changers list of the Startupper Mag, because it is carrying out a digital transformation program by offering services with cutting-edge technologies, such as the Cardlink POSsible platform and Cardlink checkout, as well as services for data analysis related to payments, thus revealing purchasing behaviors and valuable information which can provide even the smallest business with a competitive advantage.

However, the main reason for Cardlink being selected is the fact that it implements Open Innovation programs, thus enhancing innovation both for itself as well as its customers from the field of Startups. In collaboration with ACEin of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the company implemented the Emphasis program, a six-month program aiming to support and accelerate business ideas of Startups in the field of Retailtech, technology and solutions for the retail sector and in particular the fields of: Business Analytics, Customer Experience, Payments/Added Value Services and Retail Modernization.

Published at the Startupper Mag: https://startuppermag.gr/startupper-mag-15/