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Cardlink has launched the new POS terminals that combine Android applications | Kathimerini

February 2021

Cardlink has launched onto the market the new generation of POS terminals in Android environment which will not only function as a medium to make card payments, but also as a common point where several applications coexist. The company is the largest provider of payment services in Greece, with over 250,000 POS terminals, 10,000 e-commerce stores and 500 million transactions per year.

Cardlink’s new POS terminals can combine Android applications in a Cardlink POSsible platform which functions as a node, allowing different applications “to communicate” with each other. Thus, they will become an important tool for a wide range of activities through specialized applications which will operate automatically or in collaboration with each other. One of them is the capability for cash registers to connect with the tax authorities, an initiative announced by the government and expected to be implemented within 2021.

On this basis, Cardlink has designed a web application for issuing cash register slips for freelancers as well as for small and medium-sized businesses, which is hosted in the Android POS. It offers a comprehensive business application environment (sales, purchases, storage, collections, payments, crm, calendar) with a direct connection to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) and the myDATA platform. “All in one” is achieved in this manner, ensuring speed and simplification for business transactions, since there will be only one retail receipt, whether payment was made by card or in cash, and will be issued by the POS.

Greece is among markets with a high number of installed POS terminals, which according to official data reach 700,000, and one third of which are Cardlink terminals. High coverage also enabled the widespread use of contactless transactions due to the pandemic, which according to Cardlink’s data reached 85% of the transactions carried out in 2020, compared to 58% in 2019. Despite the successive financial lockdowns, the number of transactions at POS terminals has increased by 10% compared to 2019, while the average value of each transaction amounted to 32 euro.

At the same time, there was an explosive increase of e-commerce transactions in the Cardlink network, which reached 70% compared to 2019, a trend that may have been guided by the lockdown conditions related to the economy, but which consolidates the market shift toward the new consumer practices. The explosive growth of business e-commerce also contributed to the reduction of the average transaction value, which at the end of 2020 amounted to 64 euro, from 84 euro in 2019.

Cardlink offers businesses a full range of e-Commerce services, aiming to establish itself as an important ally for curbside pickup (click-away) purchases through the payment links service, which is provided through the collaborating banks Eurobank and Alpha Bank and is directed to companies that do not have an e-shop, but want to receive payments over the phone or by email.

On the occasion of the launch of the redesigned Cardlink website, Haris Markaki, the company’s Customer Experience Director, states that “at a particularly demanding time, when online transactions are increasing rapidly, we help businesses grow by transforming the great technological capabilities to affordable services.”

Published at Kathimerini: https://www.kathimerini.gr/economy/561252160/nea-termatika-pos-me-efarmoges-android-paroysiase-i-cardlink/