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K EPIXEIREIN | The Cardlink world

January 2021

2004 Olympics, economic prosperity, a ten-year crisis and finally a pandemic. Fifteen years that marked and changed Greece forever and that brought about a new reality for businesses and society. All these years, the Cardlink team has supported employees, collaborating companies and the society through multiple actions, while moving forward guided by the following principle: try something new every day, push your limits.

Since 2004, the Cardlink team has been shaping daily the e-payments landscape in Greece. We believe that by providing experience and solutions that resolve businesses’ problems and that consumers find useful and are pleased with, will result in an increase in loyalty, trust between the two parties will be achieved and it will lead to growth.

We process more that 2.5 million transactions per day through the Cardlink POS terminals, the e-Commerce platforms, payment links, emails, mobile wallets and smart watches. While all this is taking place, we are establishing a new universe where two worlds converge. The physical one and that of digital/e-Commerce, which are creating a brand new reality for Greek companies.

We work in small teams which are set-up for specific purposes and are dissolved accordingly, while directly assisting other teams of small, medium-sized and large enterprises. This is how we launched the new generation of Cardlink POSsible, which is based on an Android operating system and opens up a new world of possibilities. We offer a full range of e-Commerce services through the Cardlink checkout payments acceptance platform. We created the Cardlink maitre cloud app providing specialized solutions for the food and beverage sector. We offer Cardlink apollo to collaborating businesses, an online platform for monitoring transactions. We utilize our network’s big data and took the first steps in the data analytics field with the Cardlink pulse application. We adapted our experience with banks, large commercial chains and small businesses to the needs emerging in Greece today.

We are very proud to have managed to deal successfully with the pandemic challenges during such a difficult reality that the emergence of Covid19 suddenly imposed on us. We support and genuinely look out for our employees, both on a personal as well as a professional level, and have managed to maintain the team’s cohesion and the company’s tempo as if we were in the office.

This enabled us to keep our activities running for businesses that remained open as well as for online and curbside pickup (click-away) transactions, while supporting their new, increased and urgent needs. We work intensively from home in order to ensure the seamless service of the businesses that were on the front line. We looked out for our customers, in a two-way relationship which was clearly reinforced even further in these challenging circumstances. For the majority of the companies that were affected by the compulsory closure of businesses, we acted immediately, by taking facilitation measures which we will also extend for as long is necessary.

Awareness and empathy are key elements of our work ethic and guide our contribution to the society we are also part of. We became bone marrow volunteers through Choose Life, we participated in blood donation for the Amalia Fleming General Hospital and continuously assist in the efforts of the social kitchen The Other Human. We climbed to the top of the world with the 7 Summits team and support the top athlete Miltos Tentoglou.

As a Quest Group company, we participated in the large donation of state-of-the-art IT equipment worth 500,000 euro to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and to the Ministry of Health.

We believe in the virtuous cycle of employee and customer satisfaction. If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers. And if our customers are satisfied, then our employees will be proud and satisfied.

Guided by this, we remain committed to the reason for our existence. Business growth.

Published at Kathimerini’s “K” magazine: https://www.kathimerini.gr/pages/k-epixeirein/