Ρωτήστε μας

A message from our CEO

One month after the onset of COVID-19 in Greece, our country is at a critical point in the effort to contain this pandemic. The drastic measures that were taken to control the spread will only succeed if all of us do our duty and diligently follow the guidelines and instructions issued by the authorities. This is key in ensuring that we provide the time to our doctors, nurses and all those who work in our hospitals to treat those that need additional care and attention. It is also key in slowing down the spread so we can enhance resources and capabilities to better fight this disease until appropriate treatments and vaccines are discovered.

As soon as the first cases appeared in Greece our first priority was to take measures to protect the health of our employees. We strengthened our cleaning and sanitization processes and ensured that all of our employees were appropriately educated and briefed in order to reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus. We immediately started working on testing and enhancing our remote working capabilities.

Since March 16, 100% of our employees are working from home. We have also enhanced our digital channels so customers can have more options to get in touch with us during this period. Finally, we have worked with our partners and suppliers to help and support them as they also established remote working procedures. We are very proud that we have been able to service and support our customers without any impact during this period.

We believe that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our customers. This period of uncertainty is a call to action to demonstrate this responsibility. We are committed to supporting our employees morally and financially as we all adjust to the current circumstances. Our management team has been tasked to keep constant contact with our employees and support each and every one personally and professionally during this period. We have also increased the frequency of our all-hands meetings and we are doing them weekly via videoconference so we can all get together and talk about what really matters.

The majority of our customers are affected by the mandatory closures of businesses. Our message to you is that we are committed to your growth and success. we are here to support you as you are trying to find alternative ways to serve your customers or to help you better prepare for the time of reopening.  Do not hesitate to communicate your needs or concerns to us.

To those businesses that remain open, we recognize your important role in serving society during this period.  We are there, working for you, to address any issues and any requirements you may have so you can focus on serving all of us.

I am optimistic that we will overcome this challenge. We need to be patient and follow the instructions from the experts so we can reestablish normalcy as soon as possible while waiting for the collective effort of scientists around the world to produce results that will make the disease manageable.

It’s time for our grit and determination to come forward.

George Drimiotis

CEO, Cardlink