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Covid-19: Cardlink stands next to its customers and employees as it prepares for the coming day.

Cardlink stands next to its customers and employees as it prepares for the future.

The promise we have given to businesses is “Cardlink works for you”. We work every day to this end and we are very proud that we managed to deal successfully with the pandemic challenges during such a difficult reality that the appearance of Covid19 suddenly imposed on us.

Using quick reflexes and by utilising the necessary technical support we turned a corner and started working from home. We supported and genuinely looked out for our employees, both on a personal as well as a professional level, and managed to maintain the team’s cohesion and the company’s tempo as if we were in the office.

This enabled us to keep our activities running for businesses that remained open as well as for online transactions, while supporting their new, increased and urgent needs. We worked intensively from home in order to ensure the seamless service of the businesses that were on the front line. We looked out for our customers, in a two-way relationship which was clearly reinforced even further in these challenging circumstances.

For the majority of the companies that were affected by the compulsory closure of businesses, we acted immediately, by taking facilitation measures which we will also extend in the following months if necessary.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic poses a major challenge on a personal and collective level. At Cardlink, we want to be part of the solution and of the coming day. This is why we listen closely to the customers’ new needs and we are already working on ideas and proposals that will contribute to business development.

The measures taken to curb the spread of the virus have so far been successful due to the diligence portrayed by all of us. By staying safe and by displaying optimism, hope and perseverance, we believe that together we will pull through and we will emerge even stronger and more united.