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Press Conference for 7 Summits Project on 12th of February

February 2019

The Press Conference for 7 Summits Project was held on 12th of February, at Anglais in Athens -where both Haris Markaki, Marketing Manager and Vivie Chorianopoulou, Customer Experience Director represented us with their attendance.

Mrs Markaki communicated to the attendees that the ideal “Dream Big”, Cardlink’s ideal, addresses everyone, both women and men, foreigners and Greeks, young and old!

Based on this logic we support these two ordinary women in reaching their summit. We are a company that reached the highest peak of the FinTech industry with great effort and hard work, and whenever we see that our fellow citizens are attempting to reach their dreams we are there for them! Vanessa’s and Christina’s challenge requires dedication, persistence, hard work and teamwork, values that belong in the core of our Code. We wish to these two women to fulfill their dream and break any established stereotype.