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Important Announcement

Important announcement

Regarding the issue that has arisen with the non-executed electronic orders of the e-shop mobilepoint.gr and your relevant concern, we would like to inform you that Cardlink is not involved neither in the payments nor the refunds resulting from transactions with the specific e-shop.   The company’s reference to Cardlink in relation to the problem that has arisen is misleading.

Cardlink’s role in the performance of transactions is limited to transferring the transactions from the business to the bank with which the business has signed a relevant contract.  Cardlink has received a letter of demand from this business with which it has never had any direct collaboration and will take legal action in order to protect the company.

Our advice to consumers that have been affected by the problem with the non-executed electronic orders and are requesting a refund is to contact the customer service of the bank that issued the card they used in order to exercise the rights they are entitled to in the framework of performing transactions.