Cardlink at the side of top athlete Miltos Tentoglou

February 2020

Cardlink at the side of top athlete Miltos Tentoglou

Cardlink chooses to support and stand by unique people who inspire and become role models through their work and personality, while sharing its principles and values. Therefore, in 2020, the year of the Olympic Games, Cardlink will be at the side of the long jump top athlete, Miltos Tentoglou.

At the age of 21, Miltos Tentoglou has already conquered Europe’s top-spot three times and continues his efforts, aiming to win a metal in the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Cardlink will contribute to the Greek athlete’s endeavour and will be at his side as he prepares to pursue his dream.

This partnership coincides with the company’s vision to reward and support those who strive and do their best in order to reach the top. Cardlink has been doing the same for 15 years now; through hard work and by aiming high it managed to reach the top of the FinTech industry.