We fulfilled the “Make a Wish” wish of Panagiotis to meet Unboxholics in person and this fact fills us with joy and optimism!

December 2018

Panagiotis was patiently waiting for a long time for his wish to be fulfilled… The day has come and without overfilling his suitcase, he started the beautiful journey to Ariadea. But first, he had to “fly” to the airport of Thessaloniki, where a fairy welcomed him and showed him the way to Ariadea. It was actually something magic. He closed his eyes and he was actually there when he opened them…

“I found myself in the studio of Unboxholics and they welcomed me as a member of their team.”

They gave him a tour of the studios, played with him, and he stayed to watch the live streaming they broadcast every Friday. Panagiotis’ feelings were unique. For the first time, he was not watching the broadcast from his computer. He was there watching it live.

And when he thought this could not get any better… Next morning, at the entrance of the hotel, Unboxholics were there waiting for him to go to Loutra Pozar all together…  After enjoying the ride, they had lunch and cut his wish fulfillment cake. Finally, the time to return to Athens has come along with a suitcase full of beautiful moments to share with his friends.