December was a month of offering!

December 2020

December was a month of offering!

A new institution was introduced at Cardlink, this special year, and is here to stay. This institution is a “Week of Offering”, where during the month of December we organized three different activities in order to support both the local community that surrounds us as well as the general population, with a sense of responsibility for our fellow man.

Thus, for the 2nd consecutive year we organized our voluntary blood donation on December 14, 2020, strengthening the Amalia Fleming hospital. We warmly thank our 18 colleagues who were able to offer life and hope to those who need it, but also those who tried to become volunteers and it was not possible. Voluntary blood donation is one of the most important links of social volunteering and we are very happy to be part of it.

With the help of our colleagues, we collected over 150 books, which we donated to the Antique Bookstore of the Homeless (Piraeus 132), to support people who need our help. The books were delivered by our colleagues on December 19th at the bookstore.

At the same time, we organized a food donation, assisting in the initiative of the group of volunteers of the Municipality of Heraklion. Our food donation is distributed through the Social Grocery of the Municipality to 500 families in the area who are in need. The delivery took place on Monday, December 21st.

Our goal is to support people, organizations and volunteer groups that need our help, both systematically as well as according to need.

Cardlink is here for you, for all.