Significant IT equipment donation by the Quest Group to the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation and the Ministry of Education

We are proud to be part of the Quest family! United for the greater good.

Quest Group, with a 40-year active presence and contribution to the digital transformation of the Greek society, announces the Donation of modern IT equipment of a total value of €500,000 to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Health. In addition to the donation, training and support is provided at schools for the application of an innovative teaching scheme using the Apple system and tools.

More specifically, the Group is donating 1,000 4G iPads to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to be utilised immediately by primary schools for distant learning, and to be utilised to their full extent at a later stage for the introduction of the digital teaching education programme through the iPads. This donation enables 1,000 students to receive comprehensive teaching and a creative learning experience through Apple’s pioneering and innovative tools designed specifically for education. The Group also assumes the responsibility of sending the iPads to the Principles of the educational institutions that will be indicated by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, as well as providing training and support to the educational personnel that will be called to use this technology.

At the same time, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Group is donating state-of-the-equipment – 120 laptops and desktops and 15 all-in-one printers – to the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation  (EODY), thus facilitating the immediate monitoring of developments in the battle against Covid-19, as well as the study of data and the coordination of public health services across Greece.

In regard to the needs related to medical equipment, two (2) high-flow oxygen devices (ventilators) and related consumables have been provided to the 2nd Pulmonary Clinic of the Attikon University Hospital.

The Quest Group’s donations are realised with the contribution of the subsidiary companies iSquare, Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems, ACS, Cardlink and Quest Energy, and the strong belief that the crisis will be overcome soon and that the next day will find all Greeks stronger and ready for the challenges we will face.


  1. The reported Donation amount does not include VAT.
  2. For more detailed information regarding iSquare’s “Innovation in Education” programme and the use of iPads in education, you can download additional material here