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Kotsovolos adopted Cardlink’s D200 mobile POS and achieved fast in-store service without long queues

Pay Express with Android POS D200 in Kotsovolos stores

The Challenge
During times of high demand and footfall, long checkout queues constitute one of the most crucial challenges that retail stores have to deal with. Some customers, seeing the long wait at the checkout, do not complete their purchases, resulting in stores losing sales. Kotsovolos was facing exactly this problem, due to increased traffic in its stores.

The company sought a solution to this challenge in partnership with Cardlink. The goal was, in times of high traffic in stores, such as Black Friday, to reduce queues at store cash registers, so that customers are not discouraged and leave their purchases.

The Solution

In order to complete the transaction from the seller anywhere in the store, Cardlink provided the possibility of payment by card, mobile wallet or wearable.

This solution was possible thanks to Cardlink mobile POS D200, a flexible and small POS, suitable for on-the-go transactions. The wireless POS is connected via bluetooth with the Cardlink POSsible application on the Android device (phone or tablet) of the sales consultant and so the transactions take place in all parts of the store. The payment is completed with exceptional speed and the receipt of the transaction is sent immediately by SMS or email. The Pay Express service is active in all Kotsovolos stores, improving the experience of customers and sales consultants.

The Implementation

The implementation of Cardlink was based on 2 pillars and met the requirements and specifications of Kotsovolos: software, where in the Android ecosystem of our company we had the POSsible application immediately available, capable of running on any Android device (phone or tablet) and hardware, where the mobile POS D200 was recognized as the most suitable device due to its size, design and flexibility. Their combination via Bluetooth wireless connection was chosen as the most suitable and the implementation of the final solution proceeded to the next stage where Cardlink’s previous experience in the field of mobile POS (since 2013) proved capable of all parts and the required functionality to combine in a very simple to use solution: you download the application to your mobile phone, connect via Bluetooth to the D200 and… start accepting payments using cards and mobile wallets!

The flexibility and stability of the solution proved to be appropriate both in demanding times such as Black Friday and in the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic where the stores operate under unprecedented conditions. The Pay Express solution that used to help customers pay quickly in-store, now serves online orders and those who choose collect@store or click away.

We are very proud that Kotsovolos Pay Express solution was distinguished at the BITE Awards 2020 by winning a GOLD award in the category “New Technological Trends in mobile applications and services” and two SILVER awards in the categories of Automation and Support of Sales / Marketing and Customer Experience Digital Transformation.

The benefits

Upgrades the buying experience
Fast service without queues and delays.

Really effective sales
Helps sales consultants do their job easier and more efficiently.