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Vodafone accepts 1.000.000 unattended in-store payments, with our self service Android POS

The Challenge
Vodafone has a large network of stores, where thousands of customers go daily to obtain telecommunications services and products or for relevant service requests. Maintaining low queue levels at the counters of branches as well as gradually educating customers in digital service methods are of the utmost importance for Vodafone, since in this manner customers are more satisfied with their store visit, and on the other hand employees utilize their time more effectively for serving customers.
Vodafone had the idea to remove from the counters certain transactions which do not necessarily require the customer’s interaction with a store employee. These transactions are bill payments, balance top ups and the purchase of prepaid packages. The above transactions have to be provided to customers in the form of “self-service”, without the participation of an employee, in specific points within the store – close to the entrance and away from the counters. At the same time, this method of operation serves yet another need at the time of the pandemic; people within the stores keeping their distance.

The Solution

In collaboration with Vodafone, the Cardlink team designed a solution to meet these specific requirements. The Android POS SK800 device was used as well as a purpose-built kiosk, which can either be positioned on the floor with the use of a special stand, or it can be mounted on the wall. Customers select the operation they are after (e.g. bill payment, balance top up, purchase of usage packages) and they perform it in the same manner as they would in an ATM, while paying by card (via card insertion or contactless payment). The self-service POS SK800 uses an Android operating system, it has a hybrid card reader and a sturdy PIN input keyboard. It features a built-in camera and a printer for issuing receipts. It is very fast and offers 4G connectivity, as well as Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet.

The Implementation

In the past few months, 200 Android POS kiosks have been installed in as many Vodafone branches and the number of transactions carried out already exceeds 1,000,000, with lower cost and higher speed than in the traditional counters. Using the POS terminals is simple and the menus are user-friendly so that anybody can use the machines without any help. Apart from the features mentioned above, by using a centralized content management system, Vodafone is able to display promotions, activities and news through videos and photographs, while the transaction is taking place.

The Benefits

Improvement of service speed
Service without queues & delays

Reduced cost – Increased productivity
Service automation. Utilization of personnel for more productive activities

Innovation image – Customers’ first step into the digital world
The kiosk is an innovative device, featuring cutting-edge technology, with a user-friendly operating environment