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Big Contest: Cardlink 500

October 2020

Celebrate National Customer Service Week with us!

We are excited to celebrate again this year the National Customer Service Week with the Cardlink 500 contest! From October 5 – October 10 2020ten of our lucky partners will win a check worth €500!

Who is eligible to participate?

The contest is open to our partners who own a Cardlink POS or to users of Cardlink’s e–commerce platform who communicate with Cardlink’s support call center for any issue.

How to participate?

All they have to do is provide their info using the form below, after communicating with our call center. They will automatically enter a raffle to win one of 10 checks worth €500!

The National Customer Service Week is celebrated in over 60 countries. In Greece, it’s held by the Greek Institute of Customer Service and provides Cardlink with the opportunity to award partner companies and offer them a positive experience, a smile, in our ongoing commitment to stand by them and provide high quality support.

See here for details about the contest’s Term.