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Cardlink Apollo: The new Self-Service platform for businesses by Cardlink

Press Release
28 June 2019

Cardlink Apollo:

The new Self-Service platform for businesses by Cardlink

 Cardlink Apollo, the new Self-Service electronic platform, was created to facilitate the daily activities of businesses and demonstrates in practice that Cardlink strives to offer its customers the best solutions possible.

It is a digital management tool that enables businesses to see in real time the card transactions performed at Cardlink Points of Sale, whether in their brick-and-mortar or online stores. In a user-friendly manner and through a variety of graphs and detailed reports, important information is presented, such as the total number of card transactions and turnover per collaborating bank, type of transaction and card. In this way they obtain at a glance a complete picture of their business in terms of card transactions.

Cardlink Apollo is offered to all business that possess a Cardlink POS and/or Cardlink e-Commerce. Registration on the platform takes place online via https://staging.cardlink.gr/cardlink-apollo/

E-mail: info@cardlink.gr
Tel: 211 1069607
Quest Holdings
E-mail: pr@quest.gr
Tel: 211 9991494