Payment solutions by Cardlink in view of current conditions

Press Release
December 16th, 2020

Payment solutions by Cardlink in view of current conditions

Now that most transactions are performed remotely, Cardlink offers the payment links service, which is provided through the collaborating banks Eurobank and Alpha Bank and which is aimed at companies that do not have an e-shop but want to accept payments over the phone or by email. This solution enables businesses to carry out electronic transactions easily and instantly with any debit or credit card through a specific link sent to customers by email or SMS.

The new wireless Android POS terminals are yet another ally for businesses to serve their customers quickly and efficiently as they can accept electronic payments for curbside pick-up of their customers’ Christmas purchases.

Android POS terminals work outside the stores’ premises as well, since they have two connection options, Wi‑Fi or 4G. This ensures a high level of service for both buyers and businesses, with fast, secure and contactless transactions during the lockdown. In addition, there is the option of sending an electronic receipt directly from the Android POS terminals, thus reducing paper consumption and limiting contact, which is the goal during the Coved-19 times. Businesses can also monitor in real time all transactions on the Android POS terminals as well as on the e-commerce service from the mobile, tablet or laptop, via the free digital platform Cardlink apollo.

Cardlink stands by Greek businesses in these difficult conditions we are all experiencing, with payment solutions that allow them to operate during the pandemic, and also with personal assistance through its call centers and 24/7 technical support.

About Cardlink

Cardlink was founded in 2004 and is the largest Network Service Provider in Greece with more than 290.000 terminals, 19.000 e-Commerce shops and 400 million transactions per year. Cardlink serves businesses in their daily transactions with quality, security and speed.  Cardlink’s team monitors the developments in the field of electronic payments, adopts the latest technologies and creates innovative products and services, which continually improve transactional experience in physical and electronic commerce. Since January 2015, Cardlink is a Quest Group company.

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