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In which Greek region did they barbecue the most this year’s Barbecue Thursday (Tsiknopempti)?

Rain or shine, some things don’t change! The Greeks honour Barbecue Thursday and Cardlink pulse will once again provide the info.

In first place for 2020 we have Chalkidiki, where they celebrated with an average transaction amount of €44,6, and in the second place there is Kastoria, which follows with €43,9. Did you see it coming? Below you will find a list of the 10 regions with the highest spending in taverns and restaurants this Barbecue Thursday.  

The extra data!

Quite a few people choose to stay in on Barbecue Thursday, wouldn’t you agree? This year, the turnover of butchers increased by 23.7% on Wednesday, the eve of Barbecue Thursday, when household chefs shop and prepare.