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We are happy to support Taste of Athens!

We are happy to support Taste of Athens, for the 2nd time

Ιt’s Cardlink‘s distinct pleasure to support for the second consecutive year Taste of Athens, the foodies’ event of the year. This year our main contribution is offering cutting-edge technology that enables cashless payments for the duration of the four-day event.

We are very proud to introduce our Cardlink POSsible platform, the future standard in cashless transactions. All of the restaurants participating in the event will be equipped with our new generation paying systems. This cutting-edge technology will enable faster than ever transactions and an amazing user experience for both event visitors and vendors. Additionally, all of the orders taken at the restaurants will be facilitated through the Cardlink maitre application, ensuring that the hundreds of orders taking place will be taken correctly and efficiently.

The Cardlink team is looking forward to meeting you at our event booth!  There you will have the opportunity to see up close our products and technology solutions that will enable high quality cashless payments.