The most important international gastronomic festival now in Athens…

September 2018

“Taste of Athens” is the first Athenian event of the most important international gastronomic festival that has a 10-year presence in many cities around the world, including London, Milan, and Dubai. The festival featured 10 of the most acclaimed Greek restaurants that were serving their creations, each at its own stand. The Greek audience showed great interest, and the lovers of quality food flocked the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center during September 29 – October 2 to enjoy special gastronomic creations from the best chefs of Greece.

Besides being the top Gastronomic event of 2018, “Taste of Athens”  was a milestone in the use of electronic transactions. There was a complete absence of cash: the totality of transactions was cashless. Visitors made all their payments to the restaurants with credit or debit cards and all payments passed through the Cardlink POS which have been installed in every restaurant stand. There was also a total absence of paper in the stands because of the restaurants receiving their orders by using the new Cardlink maitre service. Cardlink maitre is a wireless order-receiving cloud app for coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Cardlink chose this top festival for the first presentation of Cardlink maitre.

Cardlink maitre service works on tablet devices (iOS or Android) and is fully interconnected with Cardlink POS. This ensures speed and unified customer experience.  The companies can benefit too since they are able, for the first time, to receive all services (order management, payments) by only one company and have full control, unified real-time reporting and support.

Cardlink sponsored the entire technical infrastructure with 21 Ethernet GPRS POS, computers, tables and the Cardlink maitre app to the 10 restaurants and to any other exhibitor of the festival. Cardlink’s experienced technicians fully delivered within extremely tight schedules and had taken all necessary steps for a smooth happening of the event throughout the four days of its duration. As a result, electronic services ( order management and payments) worked flawlessly despite the huge audience attendance. This fact has given Cardlink Kudos by the event planners but most importantly, by the businesses that were using the POS and the Cardlink maitre app during the festival.

The Cardlink maitre app is one of many new services and solutions we have begun to offer in the process of realizing our goal to constantly innovate in order to improve the experience of businesses and consumers.