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Self service Analytics: How can you analyze the information of your business by yourself?

Self Service Analytics?

Yes, you can analyze the information of your business by yourself.

Data or perhaps Big Data?

The world of data is now a thing of the past. Welcome to the world of Big Data! It is here and there is no going back. Every day, every minute, every second, more and more data are created; it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them, classify them and above all use them.

The need arising from the day to day operation of businesses is for simple and fast results that lead to smart decisions at a glance. All industry leading companies are already using the information they obtain about the market and their customers and are turning it into their biggest competitive advantage.

“According to a Gartner research, by 2020, 90% of businesses will explicitly mention information as a critical asset and the way in which it is used will create a vital and essential added value”.

Many believe that upgrading the company’s IT systems is the solution. Or they may hire a specialist. Or perhaps it is better not to get involved as analytics is not for them, it is for the big fish, for the specialist, for those who are able to deal with the volume and abundance of data. And it can get even more complicated. What is the purpose of analytics if you cannot really read them, respond to the information you obtain and make real-time decisions?

How does a question become information ready to be used… in an instant!

Imagine a world where everyone will be able to analyze their data, without being… a “data guru”.  Without difficult and incomprehensible terms, data scientists, algorithms, artificial intelligence, codes and phone calls to the… DBA (Database administrator)!

Cardlink Pulse makes this world a reality! It was created to help you become an analytics “scientist” easily, so that you can respond rapidly and make the right decisions for the development of your business. It has been designed for any professional, regardless of size, turnover, field of activity or number of stores. Get to know it and don’t forget: the important thing about Big Data is not how much data are available, but what one can do with them.


You don’t need degrees and specialization in data science in order to be able to read analytics and make decisions. You have a data hero hiding inside you and it’s time to set them free!