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We are celebrating the Greek e-Commerce week!

March 2019,

We are celebrating the Greek e-Commerce week!

From 4-11 March we are offering a 3month free use* of the Cardlink e-commerce, the most advanced e-commerce service which offers the most complete solution for your e-shop’s needs.

Each year the Greek E-Commerce Association (GR.EC. A.) organizes the E-Commerce Week including a variety of activities and financial offers from the participating e-shops with basic goal to familiarize the Greek audience with e-commerce.

We are participating actively, for the first time to this celebratory week aiming to promote Greek e-commerce, familiarize the consumers with it and motivate businesses and citizens about electronic payments security and Internet security in general.

The offer is in regard to all e-shops that will fill the form for Cardlink e-commerce until 15/03/2019.

*Invoicing does not include card acceptance costs from Banks.