Two Greek women will conquer the top of the world with Cardlink’s flag

December 2018

Vanessa Archondidou and Christina Flambouri have set a goal to become the first Greek women that will conquer the seven highest summits in the world as climbers.

In Cardlink, our values and especially pushing our limits, searching for the next step and never giving up are becoming a reality through supporting the 7 Summits Project: The Hellenic Dream.

Under the context of “A Woman Can Be” action, two women will attempt this year, along with the flag of Cardlink, to climb on the top of the world, Mount Everest. This is the first female Greek team aiming to climb the 7 highest summits in the world. The team has already climbed to 5 out of 7 summits, and their goal inspires us to go higher in all aspects. We wish them Good Luck, and we will be by their side in every step!