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Press Release
March 28, 2018

The new era of payments bears Cardlink’s signature!

It is with great excitement that Cardlink is taking a leading role in the evolution of payments. Today, Cardlink announces that it has implemented and put in operation one of the very few certified platforms in the world that support mobile payments through the use of Tokenization technology.

Thanks to Cardlink’s new platform, contactless transactions are performed with absolute security without the transfer of the card’s actual data, but with the use of virtual cards (tokens), which are produced by Cardlink’s Tokenization systems and stored in an encrypted form on the customer’s mobile phone. Cardlink’s new platform is certified by the three Payment Schemes (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and enables card issuers to offer their customers full mobile payment solutions.

The first mobile application in the Greek market that uses the above technology and offers a modern payment experience in a completely safe and easy to use environment, is the “Tap n’ Pay” functionality of Alpha Bank’s “my Alpha Wallet”. Through this innovative service, Alpha Bank cardholders can perform contactless transactions with their mobile phone, with any credit, debit or prepaid card, from any Payment Scheme (Visa, MasterCard, American Express),  anywhere in the world.

Cardlink supports the provisioning and replenishment of the tokens used within the wallet and also performs the translation of the token into the actual card numbers in real time.

Cardlink’s Tokenization platform is available to any Bank or other provider, in Greece or abroad, that would like to offer their customers secure payment solutions via mobile devices such as Android mobile phones or wearables with NFC capability. The technology can also be used to support other payment methods such as in-app payments or any other device generated payment that wants to use secure Tokens instead of a card.

Konstantinos Koukoutsis, Cardlink’s Technology and Store Services Director, stated: “The new era of payments is here. We implemented a significant investment by building one of the very few certified mobile payment platforms in the world. We are very proud of this important milestone. Our mobile phones have become part of our lives: we take pictures and videos, we search for information on the Internet and we use a variety of applications. Now, we will also be able to use them for secure contactless payments, simply by approaching a mobile phone to a terminal, like we have been used to with contactless cards. In a few years we will see mobile payments become part of our daily lives and we expect them to gradually replace card and cash payments”.

 About Cardlink

Cardlink was founded in 2004 and is the largest Network Service Provider in Greece. Cardlink operates more than 280.000 terminals. They serve businesses and consumers in their daily transactions with security and speed. Cardlink’s team monitors the developments in the field of electronic payments, adopts the latest technologies and creates innovative products and services, which continually improve transactional experience in physical and electronic commerce. Since January 2015, Cardlink is a Quest Group company.

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