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Covid-19: Cardlink cares and works for you from home

Covid-19: Cardlink cares and works for you from home

Responding to our responsibility for the protection of society as a whole in the current conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, we believe it is important to inform you that we have taken all necessary measures for the smooth operation of our services during this crisis we are all facing.

We are working from home and have taken precautions for the safety of our people as well as for the uninterrupted operation of the transactions systems for the brick-and-mortar and online stores.

We would like to inform you that in the event that you require support and our call center is receiving more requests than those it can normally handle, or if it cannot accept any calls, the methods in which you can send us your request are the following:

  • The Cardlink apollo platform where, after you have completed a fast and simple registration, you can send us a request for anything you might need as well as see in real time all the details of your transactions for your brick-and-mortar or online store.

Visit apollo.cardlink.gr and complete your registration

  • Our website cardlink.gr, where you can fill in the Contact Form and also find videos, FAQs and other useful information.
  • Our Facebook page

Furthermore, in our YouTube channel you can find useful videos that may cover your need and help you out.

We are constantly monitoring any developments, we are here for you and working for you. We will continue our efforts to satisfy all your needs by using any available method.